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Heart Healthy Recipes

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Kick off your game day party the heart-smart way.   Intercept fat-filled snacks and that couch potato mentality with lighter choices and bursts of exercise.

Searchable Heart Healthy Recipe Database

Play-by-Play Snacking

Lighter alternatives to your game day snacking staples taste great and help keep cholesterol in check.  Try some of these better-for-you twists on party favorites.  You're sure to attract a few fans!

More Heart-Healthy Recipes!


You don't have to sit on the couch during commercial breaks in the action.  Try some advercise - light exercise that you do during commercials.  Here are a few simple things armchair quarterbacks can do to keep the blood flowing during breaks in the action.

  • March in Place
  • Do Squats (only go down to 90 degrees) or Lunges (do not allow your knees to go beyond your toes during the lunge)
  • Lift Light Hand Weights
  • Side Stretches

Mealtime Makeovers

Family gatherings wouldn't be the same without Great Grandma's cheesy potato casserole or triple-layer fudge cake. But those family food favorites are often steeped in more than tradition. Many are laden with fat and calories that expand your waistline and your risk of developing heart disease.

Let us help you take some of the guilt out of your family's favorite recipes. We will publish recipes in upcoming issues of Heart to Heart so everyone can enjoy your family favorites. Send your recipe to Heart to Heart Editor Caroline Youngblood at


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