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Heart & Vascular

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Nuclear Medicine Tests

Adenosine Cardiolite, Treadmill Cardiolite, Lexiscan Cardiolite,
Dobutamine Cardiolite

What are nuclear medicine tests?
Nuclear Medicine tests are diagnostic exams used to evaluate the supply of blood to the heart muscle. Your heart’s blood supply comes from the coronary arteries. If these arteries are narrowed or blocked, your heart does not receive the blood it needs. This test allows the doctor to see how well your heart is working.

A special camera takes pictures of your blood as it flows through your heart during rest and after exercise. A nurse will place an IV in your arm. A radioactive imaging agent will be injected into your IV, and the camera will scan to see the blood flow to your heart. A cardiologist or radiologist will compare pictures of your heart at rest and after exercise. If you are not able to walk on a treadmill, a medicine (Lexiscan, adenosine or dobutamine) will be given to you to speed up your heart.

Preparing for a Nuclear Medicine Test

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